The WinMOD Customer Center extends the service and support benefits in the means of the WinMOD Software Maintenance Service in main areas. Access to those offers you will have with the contract for the WinMOD Software Maintenance Service Standard or through licensing.

Actual WinMOD Setup's can be downloaded in the area Product Support under the menu item System Platform.


Those topics are available for all WinMOD customers:

Additionally topics are only available for WinMOD customers with WinMOD Software Maintenance Service:

WinMOD Product Support

The WinMOD System Platform will constantly being developed. New functions will be added and technological developments will be put into practice.

In this area you have the possibility to actualize your WinMOD System Software via download of an upgrade according to the latest available WinMOD version. The same also applies for the WinMOD Configurations and the WinMOD Add-Ons. All current manuals to our products are also available via download in the area of the WinMOD Product Support.

Moreover actual software versions of third parties for the using with your WinMOD System are also here available.



WinMOD Coaching

In this area different examples of WinMOD Projects show the single simulation elements in their diversification. You have here the possibility to get with the help of project examples very fast familiar the WinMOD System Software, WinMOD Configurations and WinMOD Add-Ons.

The WinMOD Coaching allows a fast learning, testing and understanding of WinMOD Products. WinMOD offers you for example varied possibilities for the presentation of signals. You can test very fast different functions with the WinMOD Coaching or you receive information about possibilities for the configuration of switches.

The coaching videos will present additionally basic workflows of our WinMOD Products, for example how to configure, to simulate and to test. The single workflows are systematically structured as knowledge basis. This allows a fast access on required workflows.

The videos are the ideal extension to manuals and online help.



WinMOD OCA Libraries (Open Component Applications)

The WinMOD OCA Libraries offer prebuilt WinMOD Components for the area process automation and factory automation in typical variants, like they are used again and again in different plants. It is easy to modify those WinMOD Components, in order to adapt them on your actual projects. Moreover the WinMOD Components are characterized through a high simulation depth and accuracy.

On the basis of WinMOD OCA Libraries company specific components can be adapted and released. Thereby the component development is shorter and also early engineering phases are more efficiently.

Out of those WinMOD OCA Libraries the virtual plant in a WinMOD Project will be crated. This can happen manually or with the help of the WinMOD EngineeringAssistance. More information about the WinMOD EngineeringAssistance you will find under the topic WinMOD Add-Ons.



WinMOD Project Recommendation

The WinMOD Project Recommendation defines a uniform WinMOD Project standard, including the areas product design, structure concept and standardization of signal, as well as type declaration and item designation.

This measurement helps you to adapt your project on highly optimized workflows, which allow the automatically project generation, like for example with the WinMOD EngineeringAssistance.



WinMOD Project- and Data Templates

The benefit of the WinMOD Project- and Data Templates are uniformly structured projects with same design. Those templates can be adapted according to your customer specific needs. Uniform testing surfaces allow a structured testing and therefore reproducible test results.




WinMOD Manuals

On this page we have collected all manuals to the WinMOD System Software, to the WinMOD Configurations and to the WinMOD Add-Ons.