WinMOD Remote Tool

We offer with WinMOD Remote Support an online support service via the Internet for the engineering of WinMOD Projects.  Necessary technical requirement is only the existence of an Internet connection on the WinMOD-PC and the WinMOD Remote Support Tool. This tool is available free of charge e.g via selection of the download-link below. An adaption of the firewall is generally not necessary.

In order to secure the technical requirements for the use of WinMOD Remote Support Tool, we advise a connection test. For this purpose please download the tool and call our WinMOD Hotline (+ 49 (0) 3302 / 2097-125) to perform the test.

Required dates for the realization of the WinMOD Remote Support are coordinated after individual agreements between you and Mewes & Partner. Invoicing is realized after utilisation units.

WinMOD Remote Tool (Size 16MB)